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Tonight’s dinner: Grilled Beef Salad

Okay. This one is one to repeat. We made Yam Neua because it sounded so interesting. Holy yum.

Chris grilled up the peppered steak. I sliced and diced the cucumbers, shallots, mint and cilantro. Combine, and toss with the sauce. The flavors were incredibly intense. Spicy and rich. Perfectly tender steak that provided some respite from the spicy cucumbers. It was weird that the mint and cucumbers were so much spicier than the beef. Delicious.


Slightly drunk noodles

With a few variations, we made drunken noodles following the recipe on epicurious. At first it appeared that the copious amounts of chilis that went into it underwhelmed, but it produced a heat that sort of built. It didn’t quite recreate the Thai dish, but it was tasty.

If I make it again, I’d perhaps find a way to lower the salt that goes into this. The salt from the soy sauce was a bit overbearing.