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Sweet spot

So, we did end up having enough cookies to make the peanut butter banana cream pie, and pie was made during the delirium following the dinner party. To add to the pandemonium, I also modified David Lebovitz’s chocolate macaron recipe in order to use up the remaining egg whites. Instead of measuring, since my egg whites outnumbered his, I whipped them up in a fury and added some cocoa-ground almonds to the mix. I don’t really use my pastry bag (I’m not even sure if I have one), so they were free form. The french would surely scoff, but.. that leaves more of this sin for me.

I was tempted to use up some buttermilk and make some ice cream, but that would’ve yielded even more egg whites… even more dangerously delicious cookies. I’m considering making a buttermilk sherbet… Maybe I will if there are berries at tonight’s Good Life Thursday at the Bordy vineyards. [Note: it was a fun time, but not due to the market offerings, which were scarce].

I’ll have to ask Chris to weigh in on the pie, as I’ve been too sugared out from the cookies to try it.


Peanut butter cookies

After a long day at the car dealership, followed by a jumpy ride home, our dinner plans were thrown off.

Instead of real food, I decided to throw together some chocolate peanut-butter cookies, a la Cakespy. I goofed, but it turned out fine. Instead of using the 1/2 cup to measure, I used the 1/3 cup. And I threw in some cocoa to make my pb more chocolate-y. And I used the freezer to chill since I was impatient. But the recipe was great. Too bad I won’t have enough to make the banana cream pie, which was my actual goal. I don’t anticipate these lasting long enough.