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Slightly drunk noodles

With a few variations, we made drunken noodles following the recipe on epicurious. At first it appeared that the copious amounts of chilis that went into it underwhelmed, but it produced a heat that sort of built. It didn’t quite recreate the Thai dish, but it was tasty.

If I make it again, I’d perhaps find a way to lower the salt that goes into this. The salt from the soy sauce was a bit overbearing.



The Noodlr is so much fun. It answers the question that is deceptively difficult: what to have with your noodles. Unless standing in front of an open fridge and grabbing things at will, I suffer an extreme lack of creativity when it comes to noodle-based dishes. This simple random suggestion generator (with vegetarian options) makes that a lot easier. My, though. This is dangerous to play before eating lunch.