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Samosa chat

This is one of our favorites, but we finally did it well.

If you’re not familiar with samosa chat, it’s a street food sort of thing. Delicious layered meal that’s served in one dish. I’m not an expert on this (yet), but I think some of the standard components are samosa & chana masala. This time we deep-fried the samosas since we had the deepfryer out already. Oh, what a difference! I also used Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for chana masala which was incredibly easy and delicious. One of the most successful attempts we’ve had making chana masala.

Atop our fried samosas (cut in half), we layered some chana masala, cilantro, sev and a number of chutneys and sauces. I know it could’ve used more, but this was made from ingredients we already had on hand.

We definitely will do some work to perfect our samosa chats… a real favorite here.