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Bitter melon curry

Thanks to Binna, and a forgotten bank card, I forewent the farmer’s market, and instead investigated H-Mart. For those who don’t know, H-Mart is a national chain of Korean grocery stores. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the wide breadth of nationalities who were competing with me for aisle space was amazing.

In addition to familiar foods (nori, kimchi, and the black rice that I tried at Binna’s), I was drawn to try the things that aren’t available through my normal channels. This led to last night’s experiment with bitter melon. Everyone seemed to be grabbing them. Everyone can’t be wrong.

The resulting curry (a Pakistani/Bangladeshi variation inspired by the wiki article on bitter melon) was something, alright. After salting and washing the melon, frying it up, adding a large quantity of onions and spices, the flavor had some pucker to add to the spice. Chris loved it. I think I still need to learn more about the preparation, and could use advice.

And there will be more experiments with the loot to follow.


In a pickle

Yes, every time someone pickles things and blogs about it, the post must be titled something about being in a pickle.

After pouring over the new cookbooks of last week, my mind was set on pickles. We had some green beans that we didn’t get around to from last week’s farmer’s market, and I picked up some lovely carrots at this week’s market, forgetting that we had a few bags of grocery-store carrots in the fridge. What to do with these lesser vegetables? Pickle away!

The bounty so far includes some curry-jalapeno picked carrots, pickled green beans and pickled russian purple radishes. I intend to try a ginger beet pickle tomorrow. I’m hoping to either use these as snacks or to top salad. Or fish.

Tonight’s dinner was a success, too. Picked up some green garlic at the market, not quite grasping that it’d be so different from the stuff we normally cook with. The texture is so bizarre when you’re chopping, but it’s really interesting and flavorful. We followed the linguine with green garlic clam sauce on this NY Times page. Served it with a mixed greens salad, with greens from Ray’s yard, and a curry vinaigrette. That vinaigrette does really interesting things. I’d love to mimic a chicken curry with grapes and almonds. Chris had a suggestion, too, but he’s talking to me right now and I can’t expend additional brainpower to access my memory.

So far, everything’s been worth repeating.

Oh, have some tomato sauce going on the back burner. Here’s hoping it meets to the successes of the rest of the day.

UPDATE: Nearly forgot.. sipping on my celery julep. Very refreshing, and makes you consider celery in ways that you hadn’t necessarily. Chris: “Peppery.” Me: “herbal.” It’s a very refreshing drink. I do declare.