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Crab, like I never had crab before

So, the heat kind of sapped my strength and I didn’t want to fire up the stovetop. Chris and I, without any argument whatsoever, settled upon Conrad’s. I had softshelled crab on the brain, and wanted to get one last fling in before the season ended. There were slab crabs there, incredible in size. I’ve never seen such huge softies. They made the “hotel” crabs look meek in comparison.

But.. I got distracted by the menu. I’ve heard about deep fried hard crab, and thought I’d have to hunt down a spot on the Eastern shore to try it. To my surprise, like the clue in a poorly written sci-fi novel, it had been under my nose the entire time. Hello, deep fried hard crab!

It’s a hard crab, top shell removed, stuffed with crabcake, dipped in a cornmeal-based batter, and then, as you might glean from the name, deep fried. It was like having seafood hushpuppies, a crab cake, and hard crab in one ridiculous package.

The crab itself wasn’t my favorite. I think steamed brings out a much better flavor. And it was entirely too much for me to eat. I also got sides, which made it ridiculously overwhelming, considering it had built-in sides. It was worth it, though, because the coleslaw was some of my favorite ever.

Oh, and I discovered that Conrad’s is running a Foursquare promotion. 5 check-ins and you get $5 dollars off orders over $35.