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As Chris pointed out early last week, when you say you’re inviting people over for tacos, they think you’re being somewhat lazy. We kept our feet in pain all day long prepping for tacos and guests.

The menu had a lot of input from Seth. He should get consultant credit.

First, we drove out to Springfield Farms in the new car.  Chris got to swing around curves and shift on inclines in the new manual-transmission car (and he did so admirably!). The farm itself was hoppin’ with people and poultry, and we picked up some chicken, turkey chorizo and flank steak. The chicken breasts were obscenely big… but the farm should be all natural… Chris then got to test out the other end of the extreme, driving in the Wegmans lot.

Then the fun began. Hours of dicing and slicing. Ponzu-marinated flank steak (delicious!), chile verde with chicken in the slow cooker (later shredded), and chorizo cooked down with some onions.

To go with that, Chris made some lovely guacamole and fresh salsa, I threw together a corn salad and jicama and grapefruit salad. Doing so, from Seth’s loose recipe, I had a revelation. Recipes are crutches. Tasting regularly and modifying thusly really makes a better product. I know, I know; this should be obvious, but it only really sunk in yesterday. The corn salsa was delicious.

Then.. we got to discover where every single slight cut and scrape on our hands were from the chopping as we squeezed limes galore for margaritas. Also made the Lee Bros. homemade strawberry wine coolers. Also a hit. Very easy. Very recommended during strawberry season.

We served the tacos with shredded lettuce, corn and flour tortillas — yielding many happy guests.


Devils Chicken Thighs and Braised Leeks


And no-knead bread to sop up the braised leeks. Looking forward to leeks from the farmers’ market once that starts up again.

As the original blogger puts it, repeatedly, this recipe is almost needlessly complicated. It did, however, yield a mighty tasty dinner. Chris couldn’t stop effusing about how wonderful it was. Top dollar. Filling and satisfying.

I’ll have to think of ways to take the principles of the recipe and simplify them. I also spent a good portion of the evening in tears, as just about every teary onion thing went into the meal. Leeks. Shallots. Onions. Okay, that was enough for my sensitive eyes.

Cobb Salad


Grilled some chicken thighs for this on Sunday when the grill was hot. Skipped the blue cheese for the lactose intolerant among us and for the health of the lactose tolerant.

Verdict is: delicious. A good combination of flavors. A satisfying salad.

This isn’t my picture (it’s from the original blog), but.. just look at this! Ours looked rather similar.

Northern Fried Chicken


This was delicious. The crust was perfect. And it was a lot less oily than I expected, though using the deep fryer at high temperature probably helped that. I’d use the crust for other fried meats, not just your typical fried chicken.

I would use less salt than this called for. Well, this recipe didn’t completely indicate the amount of salt, but I used the roast seasoning liberally because it didn’t appear to stick. It secretly stuck. I’m curing from the inside now!