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Korean queries

So, when I went to H-Mart, I picked up a few things on impulse. I was looking through the pantry today, and decided that it’s time to figure out what I can do with them, or if I need to go back for more ingredients first.

The first thing that caught my eye was fermented soy bean flour. The back of the bag indicates that I could make soy  bean paste, provided I have 40 days to wait. I’m guessing that this is similar to miso? I could also make hot bean paste, if I got back for malt flour and wheat flour. My favorite part of the recipe is the note at the end: “For soup use (Chigae), you’d better add more soy bean flour.”

I’m tempted to try to make some doenjang jjigae. Bean paste vegetable stew. We’ll see.

I also got some hot red pepper paste. It lead me to a korean fried chicken recipe. Intriguing. I seem to remember that it can be used in making kimchi, too, but I could be way off base.

I also got some pickle vegetable hot pot seasoning… that one seems easy enough to follow.

I think I need to go to the store with more of an idea what I want to make.. Maybe next time. Or does anyone know a good English-language source for Korean recipes?

Pantry items

Vanilla extract //

This isn’t quite the recipe I use, but it’s the same principle.

Cherry vanilla bitters //

This goes in one of our favorite drinks with rye over rocks. Chris just dictated the recipe to me: 1/2 oz cherry-vanilla bitters 1/2 oz sweet vermouth, 2-3 oz rye ON ICE.

Sriracha //

First two are in regular rotation. I’m looking for an excuse to try making sriracha.

Also, there’s a recipe for tahini in this post //


Talking to Monette, a famous eater and a maker-of-turkducken, I realized that I might as well make a list of cookbooks I’d like to try. This is not the most creative list, but I have this fear that the ones I want to try now will disappear from my memory in the future. Here’s a, hopefully temporary, resting spot for their memory.

In no particular order:

Thinking ahead…

No immediate plans to try the following, but they’re on my radar.

Pad Thai, New York Times //

Red Pesto Ravioli //

Sev Puri //

Twice cooked Tomato Chutney //

Cracked Emmer Hot Cereal //

Caraway Rye Bread //

Peanut butter and jelly bread //

Tangy spiced brisket //

Rice crispy easter eggs from the Bouchon Bakery //

Olive Oil Granola with dried apricots and pistachios //

Sourdough starter //

Lemon Yogurt Cake

I would like to try this at some point…