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On the roster for Saturday, possibly. Will have to see Mohammed for some pita..


Northern Fried Chicken

This was delicious. The crust was perfect. And it was a lot less oily than I expected, though using the deep fryer at high temperature probably helped that. I’d use the crust for other fried meats, not just your typical fried chicken.

I would use less salt than this called for. Well, this recipe didn’t completely indicate the amount of salt, but I used the roast seasoning liberally because it didn’t appear to stick. It secretly stuck. I’m curing from the inside now!

Salt and Pepper Tofu

This one earned a place on our plates…

Not exactly healthy, but it’s dangerously delicious. And pretty inexpensive. Definitely needs something to balance the fried-ness.

Maybe we’ll break out the deep fryer…