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Dessert Bar

So, this whole wedding thing has me pondering crazy levels of DIY. When thinking desserts and favorite childhood memories, my grandma’s 7 layer cookies came to mind.

What I’m thinking of is something like a combination of 7 layer bars and a Smith Island multi-layer cake. Cakes could be thin, and layers could be repeated in various iterations, perhaps (i.e. a chocolate ganache and a chocolate cake layer). Decadent? Hell yeah.

1. A layer of brown butter cake.
2. Coconut icing.
3. A layer of walnuts.
4. A layer of graham cracker cake.
5. A layer of peanut butter frosting.
6. A layer of chocolate.
7. Topped with dulce de leche.

graham cracker cake:
brown butter cake:


Compost bars

A friend at work asked me to bring something in for a going away party last Friday, be it gummy worms or candy cigarettes. Instead, I thought to make compost cookies. My plan was to make the dough on Wednesday, let it chill, and bake it on Thursday. Thursday came and I hadn’t made the dough, so.. it turned into an experimental compost bar, based on brownie bars.

I used Smitten Kitchen’s blondie recipe, and threw in crushed Whoopers, Ruffles potato chips, and pretzels. And a few Rice Crispies. Turned out yummily! Much easier than the cookies, too. Definitely doing this again!


I want this:

That is all.

Sweet spot

So, we did end up having enough cookies to make the peanut butter banana cream pie, and pie was made during the delirium following the dinner party. To add to the pandemonium, I also modified David Lebovitz’s chocolate macaron recipe in order to use up the remaining egg whites. Instead of measuring, since my egg whites outnumbered his, I whipped them up in a fury and added some cocoa-ground almonds to the mix. I don’t really use my pastry bag (I’m not even sure if I have one), so they were free form. The french would surely scoff, but.. that leaves more of this sin for me.

I was tempted to use up some buttermilk and make some ice cream, but that would’ve yielded even more egg whites… even more dangerously delicious cookies. I’m considering making a buttermilk sherbet… Maybe I will if there are berries at tonight’s Good Life Thursday at the Bordy vineyards. [Note: it was a fun time, but not due to the market offerings, which were scarce].

I’ll have to ask Chris to weigh in on the pie, as I’ve been too sugared out from the cookies to try it.

Peanut butter cookies

After a long day at the car dealership, followed by a jumpy ride home, our dinner plans were thrown off.

Instead of real food, I decided to throw together some chocolate peanut-butter cookies, a la Cakespy. I goofed, but it turned out fine. Instead of using the 1/2 cup to measure, I used the 1/3 cup. And I threw in some cocoa to make my pb more chocolate-y. And I used the freezer to chill since I was impatient. But the recipe was great. Too bad I won’t have enough to make the banana cream pie, which was my actual goal. I don’t anticipate these lasting long enough.

Weekend Planning

I’m trying to plan what to make this weekend. The family is coming over on Saturday to cook on the salt block I got as a birthday present. The menu is really up to Seth, but I’ve been tempted by this recipe for Rhubarb Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce for dessert.

Brunch on Sunday is a little more difficult, and I’m torn between my various options. I love making brioche, so I’m thinking of baked brioche french toast (possibly a non-boozy version of this) with strawberries. I already have the blood orange juice and bacon. I should make some herbal iced tea or something non-caffeinated, but I’m not sure what that should be. I’d like to keep it light in order to balance the sinfulness of the french toast.

Then again, Frisee aux Lardons also sound good.

Or Meyer Lemon and Cranberry Scones.

Or Baked Eggs with Spinach and Mushrooms.

Or something with latkes.

Or.. I love it all.

Alice’s Sour Cream Chocolate Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and No-knead Bread

We had a lot of soon-to-be-gone bananas, and a half a bag of chocolate chips, and various other sundries, so I gave it a whirl with the grilled lamb and baba ganoush that we finally cooked. The new grill (rescued from someone else’s trip to the dump) is getting its first workout from us tonight! Also substituted some creme fraiche for the sour cream in the banana bread and used a cake flour to keep it light since my bread pan has begun to flake off its coating. Gross.

Earlier today, I tried no-knead bread, using a lot of whole wheat flour. I may become a convert. Easy tasty  bread. Followed the recipe from Macheesmo, but the recipe has made the rounds on various other blogs as well. (variation 1 variation 2 variation 3) Already planning on making another loaf of this to go with some dinner later in the week, which is well and good since the recipe does take planning…

We used a large cast iron skillet to cook it. We don’t have a dutch oven, but a cast iron purchase may be on the horizon. It meant that we missed out on the step where you cook it with the lid on, but we still ended up with a lovely loaf with a chewy crust.

The recipe is attributed to Jim Lahey. I still have trouble reading that name without thinking of Trailer Park Boys…

Lemon Yogurt Cake

I would like to try this at some point…