Compost bars

A friend at work asked me to bring something in for a going away party last Friday, be it gummy worms or candy cigarettes. Instead, I thought to make compost cookies. My plan was to make the dough on Wednesday, let it chill, and bake it on Thursday. Thursday came and I hadn’t made the dough, so.. it turned into an experimental compost bar, based on brownie bars.

I used Smitten Kitchen’s blondie recipe, and threw in crushed Whoopers, Ruffles potato chips, and pretzels. And a few Rice Crispies. Turned out yummily! Much easier than the cookies, too. Definitely doing this again!


2 responses to “Compost bars

  1. Yuck! Starting with the name, this sounds terrible. Pretzels, potato chips, rice krispies, whoppers? Yuck! I’m going to have to taste one of these before giving them a stamp of approval (but the basic recipe does sound good).

  2. Here’s a page that talks about the compost cookie I originally wanted to make.

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